MedidaQ for HEaltHcare PROfessionals

For healthcare professionals MedidaQ’s aim is to find and offer specific and cost effective products focusing on meeting the needs of patients and physicians in demanding and challenging therapy areas.

By relying on our expertise in research and product development and understanding the entire product development processes, our ambition is to bring different instrumentation and medical devices to the market. We also know how important are both the communication between the inventor and end-users, and the awareness of the bottle-necks in the process that may hamper the success of a certain product. Therefore, we carefully screen the market to find right suppliers and products that have extra edge and uses unconventional ideas or methods to prevent and cure certain diseases.

Our offering comes always with high quality of products, a guarantee of excellence services and our dedication to support you in any situation.

Our focus areas are dermatology, ENT, gynecology and psychiatry and our aim is to add gradually products into our portfolio. Below you will find the list of our current products.

In case of any inquiry or ordering, contact us  by e-mail or phone: +46 72 302 84 08.