Xyliderm is the first xylitol-containing and moisturizing gel for dry, irritated and damaged skin. Xyliderm is suitable for the entire family, as a general moisturizer. It can also be used for different skin problems like psoriasis or eczema.

Size: 100 ml

Xyliderm is an effectively moisturizing and treating gel for dry, irritated and damaged skin. Xylitol and glycerin are the active ingredients in the new type of gel base.


  • Effective moisturizer (1
  • Prevents bacterial growth and biofilm formation (2
  • Eliminates effectively the effect of irritants on the skin (3
  • Speeds up the healing of skin damage (4


  • Effective moisturizer (5
  • Reduces the inflammation caused by detergents and other irritants (5

Xylitol and glycerin act as moisture binding agent and as Xyliderm contains no fat, their water binding properties can be brought to the skin in the best possible way. Atopic skin benefits from xylitol also in other ways than only mere moisture binder. Xylitol stimulates the growth of keratinocytes in the skin by up-regulating the production of filaggrin and thus strengthens the skin's natural barrier (people suffering from atopic skin have shown to have shortage of filaggrin in their skin). Furthermore, xylitol prevent inflammation caused by staphylococci in atopic skin. Because of this feature, Xyliderm calms atopic skin and reduces symptoms like itching and irritation.

Xyliderm is easy to apply and very long-lasting. Its dynamic viscosity eases of use and reduces the consumption of the cream. The fat-free gel base enhances the effects of xylitol and glycerolc ompared to conventional creams.

Xyliderm was developed after four decades of research. It is a patented product and produced in EU according to GMP standards.

Xyliderm is particularly suitable for people with atopic skin, hand eczema, psoriasis or very sensitive skin, but also ideal for the whole family as a moisturizer. Contains no crease, emulsifiers, dyes or perfumes.

More about different areas of using Xyliderm.

For further information you can also visit  http://www.xyliderm.fi/se  (in Swedish)


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Sodium Hydroxide

• Apply gel on the clean skin 2-3 times per day or more if needed
• Can be used on the entire body, including face and thin skin areas
• You can use Xyliderm alone or alongside with traditional face creams. Add Xyliderm before the other face cream and let it affect for at least 15 min before the application of your other cream.